FBE(Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder)

FBEis also known as thermosetting fusion bonded epoxy powder. This coating systemis engineered to protect pipelinesreinforcingbars, pipe connections and valves ect. from corrosion in the most demandingoperating environments.It is designed for use in single layer applications and as a primer layer fordual layer FBE and 3 layer PE/PP applications. fusion bonded epoxy powder

  • Moisture Content: <0.5%

  • Particle Size: Larger than 250um<0.2% Larger than 150um<3.0%

  • Density: 1.43±0.05 g/ml

  • Recommened Film Thinkness : a. In FBE systems: 300-400microns (12-16 mils) b. As a primer in 3-layer PE or PP systems: 150-300microns (6-12 mils)

  • Theoretical Coverage: 0.6993 m2/kg per mm (134.6 ft2/lbper mi

  • Operating Temperature Range: -73ºC (-100ºF) to 110ºC(230ºF)

  • 12 Months if stored below 27ºC (80ºF) and 65% relativehumidity.


Fast Gel

Slow Gel 

Long Gel

Gel Time
8.5 seconds ± 20% at 204ºC

Gel Time
18.4 seconds ± 20% at 204ºC

Gel Time
25 seconds ± 20% @ 204ºC

Cure Time
45 seconds at 232ºC

Cure Time
90 seconds at 232ºC

Cure Time
150 seconds @ 232ºC